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Russian Fur Trapper Hats.

Beautiful Deer Leather outer lined with real fur Russian Ushanka Trapper hats, made in New Zealand and lined entirely in Eco Possum Fur. The Leather shell of the hats is butter soft, yet robust and inside, the Russian Fur Hats are fully lined in beautiful Possum Fur which is said to to be the warmest fur on the planet (the only exception is Polar Bear fur which is never used commercially).

Russian Fur Trapper Hats like these have been worn on Antarctic expeditions and have come out with flying colours we are told by the manufacturer. Possum fur is hollow which helps to trap body heat yet has the ability to wick moisture away from the skin keeping you dry and comfortable at the same time. 

When it's reported that we lose 90% of our body heat from our heads it makes perfect sense to keep your head warm during bitterly cold weather in one of our Russian Fur Hats.

Russian Fur Hat 

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