Alpaca Fur Headbands

Pure and Natural Alpaca Fur Headbands

Real Alpaca Fur Headbands in a selection of colours with each one being unique.

Alpaca's are never killed for their fur being far too valuable for their highly prized yarn so rest assured that even though you are wearing a real fur item this is only as a result of natural herd loss.

Our Alpaca Fur Headbands will help keep your ears and head toasty warm, even the coldest of days or nights without the worry of crushing or ruining your hair.

Made entirely in Peru our Alpaca Fur Headbands are simply made for Apres Ski (wearing helmets is always the safest choice on the slopes) or at a mountain top terrace for lunch. You can pack them in a pocket or bag, yet shake them out and they look perfect again.

Our Alpaca Fur Headbands would make a great gift for those who find man-made fabrics irritable to the skin. All Alpaca Fur Headbands are made from 100% natural yarn and beautifully dyed in a range of natural colours.

Alpaca Fur Headband

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